Thoughts of the day


9 August 2014 – Hi everyone once again!  Just returned from the Melbourne Gift Trade Show to see my current suppliers and sourcing out some new materials for further new designs.  Been busy and have purchased some interesting items that will be coming soon.  In fact, crystal Hand Made Head Bridal Head pieces – a new range for BW Reporter thought that I would try this out as this compliments my designs.  Also, purchased some lovely bridal gifts for my clients – I’m sure that they will be quite happy.  Check out my website or Facebook as I have uploaded a couple of new designs this afternoon – hope that they will be liked soon by some lovely brides yet to visit me.  Must go now as I have further work to do. Be good and enjoy (if you are Sydney followers) the lovely weather we have had so far for winter. Marie

20 May 2014  – Hi everyone! Been very busy with lots more new work – I know the title page states words of the day – but truly due to work overload it can be week or month.

I would like to keep you posted on all new ideas and thoughts – so here goes for today – don’t stress it will all work out because it has to, put everything down and take a breath and go and do something you really like.  Beautiful day outside go and get some Vitamin D with a magazine or book or just go for a walk – you will be surprised what one of these things can do for you.  I know it’s simple but hey, it’s 11pm at night and I am tired.

30 May 2014 – Hi again! been very busy with lots of wonderful new customers but also have met a whole lot of new faces in a Humanise cocktail party last night run by Suzie Tassios and Norma Bianca Needham.  Loved it and will certainly be part of this gathering again. I love that my customers appreciate the end result to their product and hope to be in touch with all of them in the future as I truly have enjoyed wonderful chats and getting to know them.  Have a lovely week people and you will hear from me again soon. Marie


23 July 2014 – Hi all! So far it has been a busy busy time for me what with new clients and new designs.  I love it, but unfortunately I have neglected my blog – nevermind hope all understand.  I have a few moment to spare now so I decided to get on this site before I forget.  Going to Trade Show next week and hopefully new products will be purchased including wedding jewellery – which will be a new line I will carry – hope it works out. Talk again soon – Marie!


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